What To Do In Macau for Exciting Holiday

It is important to discover what to do in Macau before you visit this “Vegas of the East”. Macau, also spelled as Macao, is a tiny Chinese territory lies about 60 kilometers to the west of Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong to Macau only an hour away by ferry, you can considering Hong Kong to Macau day trip. Getting to Macau from Hong Kong in the morning and back to Hong Kong in the evening. Even though well known for huge casinos, Macau attractions are not only about gambling and eating.

The first thing of what to do in Macau can be hopping between famous casinos in Macau. You don’t need to worry to lose your family saving. If you are not a gambler, it’s sufficient to just wander around, soak up the atmosphere and take pictures for your social media feed. Most of the casinos come with unique architecture and luxury design. If you are not quite sure about what to do in Macau, you can just wander around the mega casinos. Sure you can enjoy the gondolas and canals at the Venetian Macau or enjoy the world’s best water show at the City of Dreams.

Next on what to do in Macau is explore historical and cultural heritage. Macau is a great representation of East meets West character manifested in its culture, architecture and cuisines. Under a Portuguese colony for more than 300 years has left Macau with a wealth of historic sites and buildings to explore. When visiting Macau, you may want to consider to explore the Historic Centre of Macau. The Historic Centre of Macau consists of about 30 places and buildings as the quintessence of the Chinese and the Western cultural exchange of more than 400 years. The most recommended sites are Senado Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Monte Fort, Leal Senado Building, and St. Dominic’s Church.

What next on what to do in Macau? Jumping from the top of Macau Tower for adrenaline seeker. Macau Tower provides some activities full of adrenaline rush on the Adventure Deck, such as sky walk, tower climb, sky jump and bungee jump. If you have the courage, feel the ultimate adrenaline rush of the Guinness World Record highest commercial Bungee Jump. Additionally, you can take an outdoor stroll around the outer rim of the Adventure Deck on the Sky Walk with the walkway is just 1.8 meters wide. Stand on top to enjoy spectacular views of both stunning skyline and seaside cityscape then take a stroll without handrail. Otherwise, on the Tower climb you can experience climbing 338 meters to the top of the antenae mast tower.

Sample Macau cuisine on your what to do in Macau list? Why not. The history of Macau as a former Portuguese colony resulted in a unique cuisine. It is a blending of southern Chinese and Portuguese cuisines. Most of Macanese cuisine based on freshly hooked seafood such as codfish, crab, and sardines. Chicken and pork are also popular, usually stewed or slow cooked while Macanese dishes are often baked or roasted. You should check out the Portuguese egg tart,  Pork chop Bun, and Balcalhau while you are on holiday in Macau. Or you can consider putting minchi, bakkwa, almond cookies, Macanese sawdust and also Portuguese wine on your foodie adventure.


Last on what to do in Macau, you can enjoy duty-free shopping. Holding free port status, Macau is paradise for shoppers. For those who still make a list of what to do in Macau, you can put duty-free shops and internationally recognized labels in Macao on your itinerary. Luxury items are cheaper than in the major cities of China. In fact, the visitor is literally spoiled for choice with several hundred luxury brand stores to be patronized in the Shoppes at Venetian, Shoppes at Four Seasons, Shoppes at Cotai Central, and also New Yaohan Department Store. Popular items to buy such as jewelery (particularly 24-carat gold), cameras, porcelain, mobile phones, watches, Chinese-made electronics, as well as wine are all available at free duty prices. It will be difficult to resist the temptations of shopping in Macau.

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