Reveal the Secrets under the Wave with Menjangan Diving


Menjangan diving has become the most popular water activity in Bali. If you ask many travelers, they will say that doing Bali diving in Menjangan Island should be experienced by you at least once in a lifetime. Menjangan island or Pulau Menjangan in the Indonesian language is a perfect destination for wall diving and the deep could reach up to 20-60 meter. That’s why most of the divers would fall in love from the first jump into the water. If you still in hesitate to dive there, just keep reading this short article. Perhaps, you will the same way too with them!

Before you figure out what’s beneath the wave, you should know one thing first. There are many tour platforms that would love to take you to dive at Menjangan island. However, only Wandernesia that would give you the best experience. There are two types of packages offered. Either you want to dive only or upgrade it with Menjangan island snorkeling activity, the choice is on you! Once you pick the desired package, enjoy the unlimited advantages that you’ll get. Be worry free to reach the island because you will travel by the most convenient vehicle and boat. Plus, you will get a tasty lunch to get your starve away.

The name of Menjangan is taken from the name of deer. There are lots of rare Javanese rusa deer (Menjangan) spread across the island. The crystal clear water and the coral with marine life have attracted many eyes to stare. When you start to enter the water, what you see is even more amazing.  There is plenty of small and medium fish swimming around you. Even you can spot some reef sharks and Manta rays too with a bit of luck.

If you are a beginner and want to start your first try, Menjangan island diving is totally the perfect choice for you. The current is quite light and the visibility could reach 50m+. Plus, the professional dive instructor will dive with you as well to keep you safe. In particular, diving in Menjangan will make the underwater macro photographer feel excited since the walls and the colorful exotic coral is so hypnotizing. Moreover, you’re not only seeing the marine life there but also the famous Anker wreck. You can see the ship in the 40 meters deep. The ancient look yet spectacular would make you hard to blink once you see it. (HN)

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